Integrated Bachelor of Science-Master of Science

The integrated Bachelor of Science-Master of Science programme is a 5 year (10 semesters) dual degree course offering flexible curricular structures to enable creative combinations of various disciplines of science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, life sciences) along with multidisciplinary exposure in the field of Data Science & AI/ Management/Finance/Economics/Education/ Journalism & Mass media.

It is a unique student-centric programme designed in accordance with NEP 2020. It incorporates fully flexible choice-based credit system and multiple exit options, so that learners can select their learning trajectories and choose their own paths in life according to their talents and interests.

The vision of the programme is to prepare professionals/researchers with unique skill sets in interdisciplinary science and technology. The 4-year bachelor’s degree in science (BS) with one-year extension (MS) would provide the opportunity to experience the full range of holistic and multidisciplinary education. Depending on their interest, students can choose major and minor across disciplines. Students can choose any one of the following multidisciplinary courses for their fifth year of BS-MS Data science & Artificial Intelligence , Management , Finance , Economics , Education , Journalism & Mass media along with the major Science subject.

Students would be provided with opportunities for internships, startups and projects so that they may actively engage with the practical aspects of their learning and improve their employability across the globe.

The programme emphasises on conceptual understanding rather than rote learning. It focuses on developing critical thinking to encourage logical decision-making and innovation; ethics and human & constitutional values, and life skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and resilience. This may help students in their journey of entrepreneurship.

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Key Information

  • Duration
    5 Year
  • Programme Code
  • Course Type
  • Mode of study
    Full time
  • Campus
    Vidyavihar - Mumbai
  • Institute

Programme Objectives

  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

  • Employ critical thinking by following scientific approach to knowledge development and apply their competencies to solve different kinds of non-familiar problems in real life situations

  • Recognize cause-and-effect relationships, define problems, formulate hypotheses, test hypotheses, analyze, interpret and draw conclusions from data

  • Capable of self-paced and self-directed learning aimed at personal development and for improving knowledge/skill development/ project management and reskilling

  • Access, evaluate, and use a variety of relevant information sources; and use appropriate software for analysis of data.

  • Effectively engage in a multicultural society and interact respectfully with diverse groups as a leader or a member of the team

  • Adhere to ethical behavior in all aspects of social and professional life and appreciate environmental and sustainability issues

  • Demonstrate subject-related and transferable skills that are relevant to some of the job trades and employment opportunities

  • Display competence in oral, written and visual communication and communicate with others using appropriate media


A combination of innovative teaching methods, guest speakers, Project based learning, Active learning & Collaborative learning techniques, MOOCs, hands-on experience of new technology and interaction with subject experts provide the students with an ambience that helps them flourish their talents in subject-specific areas. It encourages team-building activities and gives a glimpse of the real world. It helps the student to get a perspective and encourages logical thinking with flexibility of execution.


After successful completion of the programme, student can opt for their career as a professional or a researcher or an entrepreneur across globe.

Depending on choice of major and minor disciplines, BS-MS graduates may have many job opportunities in various sectors. BS-MS graduate may work as a professional in the field of quantum computing, computational modelling and simulations, Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data analysis, machine learning, genomic studies, biotechnology, computational biology, medical research, evolutionary research, nanotechnology & nanomaterials, polymer nanocomposites, biophysics, nuclear and particle physics, Ecology, neuroscience, data science for astronomy and astrophysics, biomathematics, renewable energy, environment and sustainability, banking, stock markets, academic & research institutes, engineering and technology.

Various government departments such as naval academy, DRDO, NAL, ISRO, ONGC etc. recruit science graduates for various posts. Students may also lead their projects to company start-ups and become a- successful entrepreneur.

Specializations Offered

  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology


Semester I Semester II
Core Course (CC) Core Course (CC)
Single Variable Calculus Introduction to linear Algebra
Foundations of Classical Physics Foundations of Modern Physics
Physics Laboratory-I Physics Laboratory-II
Foundation Course in Chemistry-I Foundation Course in Chemistry-II
Introductory Chemistry Laboratory -I Introductory Chemistry Laboratory-II
Introductory Biology Chemistry of Life
Introductory Biology Laboratory Chemistry of Life Laboratory
Professional Communication Skill Business writing and communication
Research Methodology Computational Sciences & Simulations 1
Constitution and Public Policy Environmental Studies and Sustainability
Python Computational Sciences & Simulations 1
Science, Scientific Research & Development: Perspectives  

Graduate Attributes

  • Academic excellence
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking:
  • Creativity and originality
  • Engagement with the Society
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Leadership and team spirit
  • Professional Efficiency
  • Strong presentation & communication skills

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