Bachelor of Science

Data Science | B.Sc. DS

Bachelor of Science in Data Science is one of the unique and most popular bachelor’s degree programme that can be taken by students after their class XII. The program contains an Internship in last semester. This programme focuses on gaining in-depth knowledge of the methods and approaches of data science. This course will build the ability to think analytically and help to solve the problems in the right way, not just in the professional world, but in everyday life as well.

This programme can be considered a perfect start for all aspirants who want to make their career in Data Science, Data Analytics and Data Visualization. The curriculum is shaped so that the student is prepared for global, national and local needs of industry. The specialization in last semester makes the programme unique one.

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Key Information

  • Duration
    3 Year
  • Programme Code
  • Course Type
    Bachelor Degree
  • Mode of study
    Full time
  • Campus
    Vidyavihar - Mumbai
  • Institute

Programme Objectives

  • To provide an in-depth knowledge and foundation of statistics and mathematics required for professional Data Science.

  • To make students ready for critical thinking required for analysis and analytics of data.

  • To equip the students with the necessary skills to excel and to upgrade them in their workplace.

  • To prepare the students for a challenging environment by providing them hands-on experience on real dataset.


A combination of innovative teaching methods, guest speakers, hands-on experience of new technology, interaction with subject experts provide the student with an ambience that helps them to become a successful data scientist and contribute in industry while making important decisions. The pedagogies used will help the student to get a perspective and encourage logical thinking with flexibility of execution.


The student graduating BSc in Data Science can be considered as an industry ready person and can be recruited by the company as a data scientist, analytics or as a data visualizer. Students will be in the position to develop their own algorithm or own product for performing data analysis. They can communicate professionally for handling various professional tasks.

Specializations Offered

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Security

After successful completion of the program, students can opt for higher studies or even they can choose the research area. Data Science has a large scope and has applications in every sector of industry like Banking, entertainment, health, agriculture, education, politics, and food and even in environmental science.



Semester I Semester II
Core Course (CC) Core Course (CC)
Probability Theory Foundations of Descriptive Statistics
Combinatorics Calculus
Linear Algebra Data Analysis and visualization
Introduction to programming through Python Database concepts
Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC) Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)
Business Communication Environmental Studies
Generic Elective (GE) (Any one) Generic Elective (GE) (Any one)
Web Programming Analytical Skill Development
IT Laws and IPR Digital Logic Electronics
Semester III Semester IV
Core Course (CC) Core Course (CC)
Graph Theory - Tree and Graphs Inferential Statistics
Introduction to Data Science Bioinformatics
Computational Intelligence Data Structure using Python
Oracle PL/SQL Data Warehouse and Data Mining
Skill Enhancement Skill Enhancement
Information Security Data Visualization Using Tableau
Generic Elective (GE) (Any one) Generic Elective (GE) (Any one)
Semester V Semester VI
Core Courses Core Courses
Software Model Designing Neural Network and Deep Learning
Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Cyber Forensic Analytics
Big Data Analytics Natural Language Processing
High Dimensional Data Analysis Digital Marketing Analytics
Skill Enhancement Skill Enhancement
Image Analytics Project

Graduate Attributes

  • Academic excellence
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity and originality
  • Engagement with the Society
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Leadership and team spirit
  • Professional Efficiency
  • Strong presentation & communication skills

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