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Biology needs to be understood; its principles touch our lives in more ways than we can imagine. We are aware that progress in biology has led to newer crops and better health care methodologies, which has increased our lifespan and quality of life. Biology has seen great progress in the last 75 years, with miracles like test tube babies and the possibility of stem cells being able to regenerate full body parts. Nano sensors and its applications have impacted medical science, pollution detection, and microbial identification among others.

Physicists, Chemists, Mathematicians, Engineers have all contributed enormously towards these biological inventions and discoveries. Enlisted below are a few roles that non-biologists have in biological sciences. A Computer scientist will be able to contribute better to artificial intelligence & bioinformatics, a Civil engineer will be able to contribute better to sanitation and effluent treatment facilities, an Architect will be able to contribute better to more sustainable and green buildings plans, a Manager will be able to contribute better to pandemic mitigating solutions and a Media/advertising person will be able to correctly position a number of consumer products with their knowledge of biological sciences.

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Key Information

  • Duration
    3 Years
  • Programme Code
  • Course Type
    Minor Degree
  • Mode of study
    Full time
  • Campus
    Vidyavihar - Mumbai
  • Institute

How will you benefit from the course?

  • Are you interested in becoming aware of microscopic entities living inside and on you? You will be amazed to know that you are 10% more microbes within you than what you believe to be yourself!
  • What are the key ingredients that power you the whole day?
  • What are the secret ingredients in most of your favorite packaged foods?
  • How does your body fight a virus or bacterial attack?
  • Do you know you carry blueprints to your ancestors?
  • Do you know, understanding the molecular mechanisms of cells may change your perspective towards life itself?
  • Graduate students who complete the minor degree with A grade and above would be eligible to enroll for some post-graduate diploma programs offered by the department of biotechnology.
Fascinated & Intrigued?

Come join us in this exciting minor degree program Exploring Life Sciences! You will learn the fundamental principles and limitations of the modern day breakthroughs in Biology and how they have changed the course of science. This course will help you expand your perspective, awareness of your surroundings and help connect you to life around you!

As it is said “A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions”.

This course is designed to give the participants a more accurate picture of the possibilities with biology, so that they might be able to identify biological domains where each of their expertise might be applied and establish guidelines to help them live a more productive and healthy life.

Fascinated & Intrigued?

Twenty credits will be earned over 4 semesters with each semester having 5 credits each. This will also include practical hands-on laboratory sessions during each semester.

Learning Outcomes

  • The learner will be able to comprehend and use many biological buzz words correctly.
  • CO2.To describe the key formal elements of clear, consistent, and intuitive UI design, and apply learned skills to the design of a static screen-based interface.
  • The learner will able to discuss biological situations in their personal lives and professional lives more articulately.
  • The learner will able to design efficient solutions for problems having a biological interface.
Assessment Method

Class discussions & debates, Presentations, Practical, Viva/ MCQ test & End Semester Exam

List of Courses
(total credit of 20, 4 credit for each course)
  • Cell biology and Physiology
  • Bio molecules and Molecular biology
  • Microbiology and Immunology
  • Basic health and Safety Awareness

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