Master of Science

Nutraceuticals | M.Sc.(Nutra)

This two-years master’s program in Nutraceuticals trains the students for all facets of Nutraceutical industry. It teaches them to choose the raw material, analyze its suitability on the basis of its chemical profile, and trace of contaminants.

Use of different techniques gives them a way to manufacture Nutraceutical supplements without losing their nutritional values. An extensive knowledge about food laws, patents, consumer behaviour makes them thorough about the sustainability and growth of these Nutraceuticals in the international market. The comprehensive syllabus gives the students a chance to understand the biochemistry of what we eat, how it gets metabolized and affects the physiology, along with the dietary adjuvants under normal and disease conditions. Considering Man’s age old battle with Cancer, and the challenge of staying healthy with current life style,  it is a must one start looking in to nutrition in a wiser way. This program brings together the knowledge about food and nutrition from all disciplines of science. The practical training at different renowned industries also helps them to choose one aspect and excel in it. It is said, “What We Eat, We Become”. Man has come a long way from being just an organism who feeds to survive, to the most dominant species on this planet. Man’s ability to understand the link between different events, and then apply this information for a better outcome is one prominent reason behind this progress. The M.Sc. Nutraceutical program offers an opportunity to get a glimpse of traditional Ayurveda and then make sense of its mode of action using modern technology. Being able to bridge these gaps will one day enable man to drive away diseases and have a healthy lifestyle based only on FOOD.

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Key Information

  • Duration
    2 Years
  • Programme Code
  • Course Type
  • Mode of study
    Full time
  • Campus
    Vidyavihar - Mumbai
  • Institute

Programme objectives

  • To familiarize the students with all facets of Nutraceutical Industry. To develop understanding of basic biochemistry during food processes.

  • To comprehend interaction of food with the human physiology, under normal and disease conditions.

  • Demonstrate effective communication skills through development of listening and writing skills.To overview dietary needs of an individual with regular or specific needs based on their age / occupation / environment / physical state.

  • To develop skill for selection of raw material, their efficient processing with minimum loss of principle component, and ideal shelf life for different food / Nutraceutical products.

  • To compare suitable food articles / supplements that complement the therapeutic modalities and / or prevent occurrence of disease.

  • To develop analytical skills used in food testing and quality control.

  • To exercise combinations of conventional biological sciences with modern genomic and proteomic technologies of manufacturing and analysis of Nutraceuticals.

  • To acquaint the students with regulations for food / Nutraceuticals products.


The experiential teaching technique with unique combination of traditional and modern ICT tools makes the students ‘Job-Ready’ right during the course. The Internship / Project in fourth semester provides the opportunity to have the hint of the actual professional world, polish their skills and confirm their own aptitude for their area of interest.


Semester I Semester II
Food Chemistry and Biochemistry I Food Chemistry & Biochemistry-II
Carbohydrates and their Metabolism Enzymes
Bioenergetics Food preservation- Principles and Techniques
Proteins Membrane Biochemistry and Biochemistry of Tissues
Nucleic Acid Endocrinology
Human Nutrition, Physiology and Clinical Dietetics-I Human Nutrition, Physiology and Clinical Dietetics II
Lipids and their Metabolism Human physiology – I
Vitamins and Minerals Human physiology – II
Nutritional Requirement and Factors Clinical Dietetics - I
Special Dietary Needs Clinical Dietetics - II
Nutraceutical and Functional Foods-I Nutraceutical and Functional Foods II
Introduction to Nutraceuticals as Science Functional Foods
Properties, Structure and Functions of various Phytonutraceuticals Medicinal Plants: Ethnomedicine in India
Chemoprevention and Nutraceutical Adjuvants Food Genomics
Development of Novel Food and Food Ingredients Tailor made Bio-molecules
Biostatistics, Instrumentation and Information Technology Biological evaluation and Validation
Biostatistics–I Biological Testing and Toxicology
Introduction to Instrumentation Techniques Organoleptic Responses
Introduction to Separation Techniques & Analytics Immune System in Health & Disease
Bioinformatics Biostatistics II
Practical Headings Practical Headings
Food Chemistry and Biochemistry I Food Chemistry & Biochemistry-II
Human Nutrition, Physiology and Clinical Dietetics-I Human Nutrition, Physiology and Clinical Dietetics II
Nutraceutical and Functional Foods-I Nutraceutical and Functional Foods II
Biostatistics, Instrumentation and Information Technology Biological evaluation and Validation

Graduate Attributes

  • Academic excellence
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity and originality
  • Engagement with the Society
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Leadership and team spirit
  • Professional Efficiency
  • Strong presentation & communication skills



Forte of Nutraceutical students is to suggest precise diet modifications for healthy as well as diseased individuals as they learn about natural and bioactive components of food in detail. Many of nutraceuticals students are working in renowned hospitals as nutritionists. To name few Kokilaben Hospital, Jupiter hospital, Asian Heart Institute etc.


With the principle of “Let food be your medicine” students can make various food supplements

  • To prevent diseases
  • As Immunomodulators
  • As Therapeutic adjuvants

Students can explore the world of authentic, indigenous plants and discover / Identify / Isolate various Phytonutraceuticals and their role in Health.


M.Sc. Nutraceuticals equips the students venture into the Food and Nutraceutical Industry which involves

  • Pre-production testing – Field work of collection of raw materials, Testing and phytonutraceuticals profiling
  • Food processing unit operator
  • Quality Control Manager - Maintain the quality of functional food/ Nutraceutical supplements
  • Market analyst - To do the market surveys and be help industry to grow and develop in all aspects


One can make own products and be the young entrepreneur. To boost your confidence, we already have startup like Beaniesnack Foods Pvt Ltd - Health Etos,  Growbar Greens-Microgreens.


An aspiring individual with good teaching, communication skills, can work in Academics. As such, the core course of M.Sc. Nutraceuticals covers a plethora of basic ‘Life Science ‘ concepts in its foundation, the M.Sc. Nutraceutical degree holder acquires multiple options of core specialization to begin teaching.