Bachelor of Science

Information Technology (Honours) | B.Sc. (IT) (Hons)

In adherence with NEP, a student can opt to pursue this programme as 3 year regular degree or as 4 year Honours degree or as 4 year Honours with Research degree .

B.Sc I.T (Honours) is a full-time 3 years program with semester structure, that allows the learner an exposure with various technical specialities such as web designing, mobile app designing , software development , security , business intelligence etc.

The program is well articulated with a choice based credit system, where a student will have the flexibility to learn some selected subjects with his choice.The program is industry centric and student centric, offering an exciting academic journey. The student will get exposure to industry through internships and projects.

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Key Information

  • Duration
    3 Years
  • Programme Code
  • Course Type
    Bachelor Degree
  • Mode of study
    Full time
  • Campus
    Vidyavihar - Mumbai
  • Institute

Programme Objectives

  • Detailed Knowledge of contemporary issues in Information Technology.

  • Develop the thinking ability with the help of subjects like Logic, Problem Solving and other programming languages and data structures.

  • Ability to analysed, design, model and develop complex software and information management systems.

  • Design, develop mobile applications for real world problems.

  • Analysing the impact of IT solutions in the societal and human context.

  • Analyse and recommend the appropriate IT infrastructure required for the implementation of a project.

  • Understand the concepts and applications in the field of Information Technology like Web designing and development, Mobile application development, and Network and communication technologies.


  • Design instructional activities requiring student collaboration to accomplish a joint product.
  • Participation with students in joint productive activity.
  • Organise students in a variety of groupings, peer learning, mixed academic ability, language, project, or interests, to promote interaction.
  • Plans with students how to work in groups and move from one activity to another, such as from large group introduction to small group activity, for clean-up, dismissal, and the like.
  • Manages student and teacher access to materials and technology to facilitate joint productive activity.
  • Monitors and supports student collaboration in positive ways.
  • ICT, Simulations and virtual labs


The students graduating from the B.Sc(I.T) program will have various job avenues in Industries and Research field. The students can have various job profiles like software architect, software developer, networking engineer, information systems researchers, web developers, and business analysts, software quality assurance, freelance developers, freelance ethical hacker, mobile app developer etc. Also the students can have the opportunities for higher education like

  • M.Sc (I.T.) / Computer Science
  • M.C.A
  • MBA / MMS

As a result of this the students will be able to :

  • Analyse and implement a computing-based solution to meet the functional requirements for respective discipline.
  • Communicate professionally for handling various professional task.
  • Handle professional responsibilities and make judgments in computing practice based on ethical principles.
  • Effectively function as leader of a team engaged in activities related to discipline.
  • Apply best practices and standard operating procedures in their work.
  • Adapt himself with the latest trends of technology in the Industry smoothly.
  • Develop effective planning required for project.


Semester I Semester II
Computer Organisation and Architecture Database Management System
Object Oriented Concept using C++ Programming with Python
Discrete Mathematics Numerical and Statistical Methods
Web Technology Advanced Web Technology
Professional Communication Skill - I Business Writing and Communication
Constitution & Public Policy Environmental Studies & Sustainability
Minor Elective (Any one) Minor Elective
The minor electives will be offered from the following domains :- Marketing, Management, Data Science, Web Designing, Cybersecurity, Accounting, Taxation, Finance, Financial Markets, Investment Banking, Commercial Data Science, Banking, Biotechnology, Mass communication, Embedded Systems and IoT.
Semester III Semester IV
Applied Mathematics Software Engineering
Data Structures Computer Network
Operating System ADBMS
Advanced Java .Net technologies
Python Programming Android Programming
Advanced Excel Data Visualization using R
Elective (Any one) Elective (Any one)
Embedded System Internet of Things
UI/UX Digital Marketing
Semester V Semester VI
Software Testing Linux Administration
Artificial Intelligence Cloud Computing
Web Services Business Intelligence
Security in Computing Advanced Computer Network
Design Thinking Project
Elective 1 (Any one) Elective 3 (Any one)
Game Programming Cyber Forensics
Digital Marketing Data Science
Elective 2 (Any one)  
Next Gen Databases  
Ethical Hacking  
Semester I Semester II
Core Course (CC) Core Course (CC)
Fundamentals of Algorithm with C++ Object Oriented Programming with Core JAVA
Computer Organization & Architecture Microprocessor and Microcontroller
Discrete Mathematics Numerical & Statistical Methods
Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)
Web Designing Database Management System
Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC) Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)
Professional Skills Green Technology
Generic Elective [Any One] Generic Elective [Any One]
Multimedia Computer Graphics
Free and Open-Source Software Law of Computing
Semester III Semester IV
Core Courses (CC) Core Courses (CC)
Probability and Distribution Software Engineering
Operating System Python Programming
Advanced Database System .NET Technology
Data Structures Computer Network
Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)
Core Java Advanced Java
Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)  Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC) 
PHP and MySQL Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Discipline Specific Elective (Any one) Discipline Specific Elective (Any one)
Embedded System Internet of Things
Computer Graphics and Animation Android Programming
Semester V Semester VI
Core Courses (CC) Core Courses (CC)
.Net Technologies Linux Administration
Advanced Computer Network Business Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Software Testing
Web services Cloud Computing
Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)
Design Thinking Project
Discipline Specific Elective (Any one) Discipline Specific Elective (Any one)
Security in Computing Data Analysis
Data Science Cyber Forensics
Next Gen Databases  
Ethical Hacking  

Graduate Attributes

  • Academic excellence
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking:
  • Creativity and originality
  • Engagement with the Society
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Leadership and team spirit
  • Professional Efficiency
  • Strong presentation & communication skills